These testimonials were submitted as part of a reply to a questionnaire. They are all genuine, complete and with no alterations.
Customers were also asked if they would be happy to show prospective customers their Hay Hutches. Over 90% said they were happy to do so. You can't get a much better endorsement than that!
"Should have bought one years ago!" 
"Tough enough to be used with 2 strong ponies, but light enough for me to move by myself.  Easy to clean out.  I am using it outside on tracks/yards or in the field (including on a hill), and also inside a loose housing shed.  Should have bought one years ago!"
Alison Wade, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.
Ali won the Amazon £50 Voucher in a our prize draw for completing our January 2012 questionnaire.
Ali's ponies Robbie and Frayne enjoying their Hay Hutch >
"so impressed by the design"

My Hay Hutch is still going strong. I was so impressed by the design and the fact it was saving money and safe to use, I ordered one for our Alpaca's at work!
Sue Harvey, East Riding, Yorkshire

"I wouldn't be without them"

"The hay hutch has saved me so much time. It's easy to fill and my horse loves it. I now have two medium hutches - one for the stable and one for the field. I love the fact that they keep the hay dry and fairly tidy. While I do waste some hay (Ollie is lazy and doesn't really bother to tidy up after himself), it's not as bad as feeding from the floor. It also means that I no longer have to try and tie two haynets up and risk having empty ones lying around. He's fed ad-lib and now knows he always has a fresh supply. The hutches have been kicked and chewed but they're still going strong and this is going into they're third winter of service! I wouldn't be without them."
Caroline Wilson, Swepstone

"Easy to move around. Very useful in bad weather"

Mrs S Frank, Droitwich
"great to stop outdoor fed hay from blowing away or getting trampled and wasted"

"I find it great to stop outdoor fed hay from blowing away or getting trampled and wasted. We have the largest Hay Hutch and my Native ponies settle around it and share."

G M Booth, Morepeth.

"keeps the hay dry and tidy"

"Hutches are so very useful in the Winter months when grazing is sparse. The Hutch keeps the hay dry and tidy and the Hutches themselves are robust yet transportable."
Linda Neave, Stamford

" - well worth the investment"

"My horses and I are delighted with our Hay Hutch. The amount of haylage wasted has been drastically reduced and even my ruffian Hanoverian has not (yet) managed to remove the lid! I can move it easily on my own, even in the horribly muddy conditions this winter. Thank you for such a brilliant product - well worth the investment.

Anna Trott, Honiton 

" . . has saved me lots of £££'s"
"My Hay Hutch has been truely remarkable, I would recommend it to anyone!! It has saved me lots of £££'s as there is no wasted hay, my horse just loves it! The customer service is also the best! I am just saving up for another one for my other pony now!"

Catherine Wheatly, Peterborough 

". . . it means less work for me!"

"I am very pleased with my hay hutch, it takes away the worry that my picky horse won't go without because his hay has been trampled on the floor. He has constant access to some forage which is a great reassurance with his digestive issues. And its nice as it means less work for me! I only have to put a bale in once a week instead of a section a day!"

C Beran, Bishops Stortford

"I can't believe how much it has saved me in time and money."

"I bought my first Hay Hutch 2 years ago, my horses loved it so much, that I bought another, so they can all feed with no arguments. I can't believe how much it has saved me in time and money. With no waste I can't recommend it enough."

S Brackpool, Swaffham

"I was so impressed with the first hay hutch I bought, I bought 4 more!"
"I was so impressed with the first hay hutch I bought, I bought 4 more! Even my cheeky 3 year old can't destroy it or himself on it. Despite his best efforts, which included using it as a drum and trying to use it as a stool (don't ask) both he and the hay hutch remain unscathed!"
Lindie Pickup, Hassocks
". . . my horses have a constant supply of dry clean hay"
"I am very happy with my Hay Hutches, as my horses have a constant supply of dry clean hay, and very little gets wasted by weather or trampling. I have one very bossy horse, but they all feed together happily because the spacing of the holes gives them all enough room."
Julie Pell, Edenbridge 
". . . fab, so easy to use and very sturdy"
"The hay hutch is fab, so easy to use and very sturdy , I have two and wouldn't be with out them . The other girls on the yard are always having to pick up the hay that has blown away or been wasted from being stood,or worse."
Jane Morris, Ruthin
". . . it's a great product and I couldn't be without it!"
"Have been using it for two years and have found it to be worth every penny! The hay/haylage is kept dry during times of rain and snow and the two horses sharing have plenty of space to eat 'together' - if there's any conflict, they just move around the hutch and continue eating! I have had to customise it by inserting a haylage net by drilling holes into the rim and threading the rope of the haynet through them - basically the net is hanging inside the hutch. I had to do this because the horses pulled out more haylage than they could eat and would then trample, wee and poo on the surplus... The added bonus is that eating takes longer. In fact the biggest problem I have with it, is finding a flat area on my hillside on which to place it!! All in all, it's a great product and I couldn't be without it!"
Thereasa Evan, Millbrook
"We reckon we have re-couped the cost of the hay hutch in a year - no more treading in and even worse when its windy! Both horses happily eat from the hay hutch together (we were worried as one is a bit of a bully) and it is now into its second year with no problems. Brilliant."
S Delve, Thetford
"Very glad I bought them."
"Every spring I had to collect up all the old uneaten hay that had been trampled into the ground and I was very conscious of how much hay was getting wasted. I cannot use haynets as my ponies are varying heights ranging from Shetland from Highland so not safe to use haynets. In spring now I just put the Hay Hutches away. There is no dead grass squashed by the hay that's been collecting and no old hay to scrape up as none is being wasted. Very glad I bought them."
Susan Dick, Dalmuir
"Great idea!"
"Great idea! My miniature horses think it's the bees knees coz their hay stays dry!!!!"
Evelyn Webber, Canterbury
"really hard wearing"
They are really hard wearing, but their main asset is the amount of hay that is eaten, and not wasted on the ground. Easy to fill, and to move around.
John Tangye, Guildford
"definitely one of those bits of kit we could not live without!"
We needed a solution for feeding our youngsters in the field in the winter and so we tried a Hay Hutch and it was fantastic! We waste far less haylage now and it is so easy to move and clean and can also take quite a battering from nosey horses. It is definitely one of those bits of kit we could not live without! We now use it with all of our horses in the field and in the yard when they cannot be turned out. I would highly recommend a Hay Hutch to anyone!
Hilary Roome, Barnstable
"I don't know how I'd manage without a hay hutch."
My hay hutch is brilliant. It does exactly what the advertisement claims - feeding my horse at ground level, keeping the haylage dry in the rain and holding it together in the wind. My field is on an exposed hillside in the Derbyshire Peak District and I don't know how I'd manage without a hay hutch.
John Benest, Fulwood
"Love the Hay Hutch"
Love the hay hutch. I have three for my horses who are all in seperate paddcoks. For two of my horses I can fill the hutches up so that I don't get them hanging around waiting for their next lot of hay. My other horse is greedy, and prone to laminitis, so I only put in what she needs otherwise she would eat at least one bale of hay a day! In the summer when my lamintic horse is on restricted grazing it does take her longer to eat the hay from the hay hutch (which is a plus).
Michelle Snellgrove, Drayton
"Should have bought one years ago."
Tough enough to be used with 2 strong ponies, but light enough for me to move by myself. Easy to clean out. I am using it outside on tracks/yards or in the field (including on a hill), and also inside a loose housing shed. Should have bought one years ago!
Alison Wade, Hayscastle
"I can't praise it highly enough"
I bought a large Hay-Hutch four years ago for my two in-foal mares; it has seen them, and their foals who are now rising three-year-olds, through the past four winters and I can't praise it highly enough - it is a fantastic bit of kit! It saves so much wastage of expensive hay, and is easy to move around the field to prevent one area getting poached. I would never now go back to feeding hay loose in the field.
Annabel Blake, Eastbourne