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The Hay Hutch Team - Gilly Metherell

Hay-Hutch is a family-run business based in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside. We have been helping horse owners protect their hay since 2007.

Co-founder and all-round bright spark when it comes to matters equine, Gilly (top right) has been riding and looking after horses since she was five years old. Born and brought up in the New Forest and with keen equestrian parents she has a wealth of experience of horse management.

Apart from being a director of Hay-Hutch, she has her own small stud, Cotley Hill Stud, which specialises in breeding National Hunt racehorses. Find out more by clicking HERE.
Years of watching good hay go to waste led her to construct with assistance of her husband, Richard, an early prototype of the Hay-Hutch made of flexible plastic board which would, several months later, evolve into the four models of Hutch that you can buy today.

Richard, Gilly's husband, co-founder and personal crazy inventor, (right) constructed the Hay-Hutch prototypes. These were laboriously made out of plastic sheets cut to size and bolted together by hand. Although not suitable for retailing, they did work and demonstrated the principle of protecting pasture fed hay.

Richard and Gilly farm on the beautiful rolling downland of Salisbury Plain running a beef herd of suckler cows and growing malting barley.


Westgate Laboratories

This is a an excellent worm count service that makes managing worm challenge really easy.
A special dung collection kit is provided to collect and post samples.
Once you know the worm challenge present, you can make accurate judgements as to any treatment required.

Hay Hutches reduce worm challenge by reducing the risk of the feed being contaminated.

Westgate Laboratories reduce your costs by making sure you know if you need to treat and what you need to treat.

Click HERE to visit their website and find out more.

SNP Horse Supplements

Gilly Metherell buys Joint-Right Supreme and Robust Hoof Supplement from SNP Horse Supplements. These are just two from a huge range of excellent supplements available on-line from this very friendly company.

They have brought us many customers by kindly mentioning us on their website and so here we happily return the compliment!

Check out the full range of products on their website by clicking HERE.