Hay Hutch choices

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Large Hay Hutch

Large Hay Hutch£303.00

Best for groups

Six apertures

Holds two and a half small bales

Medium Hay Hutch

Medium Hay Hutch£195.00

Suit paddocks, yards or large stables

Three apertures

Holds one small bale

Small Hay Hutch

Small Hay Hutch£181.00

Suit larger stables, yards and paddocks.

Three apertures.

Holds three quarters of a small bale.

Mini Hay Hutch

Mini Hay Hutch£114.00

Specially designed for stables

Two apertures

Holds 0.25 bale


Hay Hutch Net

Hay Hutch Net£16.00

Greedy eater? A Hay Hutch Net will slow down feed intake.

Specially designed for Hay Hutches.

Tough, British made.




Page 1 of 1:    5 Items