Hay Hutch - The intelligent way to feed hay

Save time, save money, reduce waste

Save up to 25% of your hay/haylage.

Save time.

Manage feeding timing and frequency to suit you.

Reduce damage to pasture.

Durable and are designed to last for years.

Four different sizes to match your requirements.

Good value - click HERE to find out why.


Christmas 2016.

Our Hay Hutches are individually hand made in a family owned factory in Birmingham. They take the traditional factory Christmas break and so there will be no Hay Hutch deliveries from 20th December until 4th January 2017.

Please place orders as normal. We will be keen to get your Hay-Hutch(es) to you as soon as we re-start.

From all of us at Hay-Hutch, we wish a very Happy Christmas to all of our customers.


See Hay Hutch in action:


There's a Hay Hutch to suit you . . .
Medium Hay Hutch

Medium Hay Hutch£185.00

Suit paddocks, yards or large stables

Three apertures

Holds one small bale

Small Hay Hutch

Small Hay Hutch£172.00

Suit larger stables, yards and paddocks.

Three apertures.

Holds three quarters of a small bale.

Large Hay Hutch

Large Hay Hutch£295.00

Best for groups

Six apertures

Holds two and a half small bales