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"My daughter has received the Hay-Hutch that I ordered for her, delivered perfectly and hassle-free to her address in Castle Douglas. She is absolutely delighted with it and says it’s a godsend for her horses, especially as it’s now pouring with rain! Thank you for inventing such a clever thing!"

Delphine Roche-Gordon


"After we bought our first Medium Hay Hutch in 2008 (it's still going strong!) there was no going back to ground feeding or hay nets. We now have one of each size in the field and a mini Hutch in every stable. In addition to greatly reducing wastage and poaching, the Hay Hutch allows our mare with kissing spine to stretch through her back while eating. We also recently discovered the Hay Hutch Net, so we can turn our Hutches into slow feeders for any greedy eaters that come onto the yard. Brilliant!"

Sue Greatwood, Wiltshire


"I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with my Hay Hutches! I have put off buying one for years as I considered them to be expensive. After researching home made alternatives and seeing horror photos of horses stuck in tractor tyres and cattle feeders, I just continued to feed the hay on the ground. However, I was wasting so much hay and I was never very sure how much the horses were actually eating.

This year I took the plunge and ordered a medium size one. It was brilliant! No wasted hay and I could tell exactly how much was being eaten. My older horse is wintering much better this year. The only grumble is that I struggled to get a whole small bale into one hutch so ended up putting the remainder on the ground. So I decided to get a second one and top them up when they are almost empty, therefore horses are never without hay. They are extremely robust, but light enough for me to move them around as required to avoid too much poaching. I am so pleased with this investment; time and money saved in the long run. Wish I'd done it years ago. Thank you for the great service also. A really worthwhile purchase!"

Recent Customer


"We bought a medium size Hay Hutch recently & just wanted to say that it is proving to be a huge asset in terms of saving wear & tear on the field, avoiding waste, & also because of time saved by not having to be endlessly filling hay nets. We couldn’t be more pleased with it."

C. Standeven


"I have been thinking about buying a hay hutch for a long time and the cost had previously prohibited the purchase; as there were always more ’necessary’ outgoings… With a horse that I feed hay ad-lib and winter fast approaching, I decided to finally go for it. I am NOT disappointed and neither is my horse! Delivery was very quick, (it arrived much sooner than anticipated)! Set up was easy — I’d requested the drilled holes and the net in my order and this was really easy to attach to the inside of the hay hutch. Then I just filled it up and popped it in the field. The small hutch holds plenty of hay for a single horse and I simply top it up in the field as and when it needs to be refilled. Waste is incredible! There is hardly any! Just a light dusting of hay on the grass around the hutch, which incidentally, is really easy to move around the field as it’s not heavy at all, (I can do this on my own). Gone is the damp strewn hay all over the field that ends up on the muck heap! I now have a tidy field, hardly any waste, (gonna save a fortune in hay) - and a very, very happy horse. Thanks Hay Hutch! Your product is simply genius!"

Claire Baker, Devon


"I bought my Hay Hutch last year and it was excellent throughout the winter. I was able to leave my horse out longer than previously knowing that his hay would be protected from the rain and wouldn't get blown away. Others at the yard thought I was mad as the Hay Hutch is quite expensive, but I think it is well worth the money. I have saved on wasted hay and had a happier horse due to him being out in the field longer."

Sue Staszewski, Essex


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