Tips and instructions


Lid attachment
There are four lugs which must be aligned with four matching
recesses underneath the lid rim to remove the lid.
There are protrusions on the lid and the body which, when aligned,
mean that the lugs and the recesses are matched up for release.



HayHutchLockBoltThe Lock Bolt

Very occasionally, a persistent, "naughty” horse can learn to rotate the lid
and remove it.
If this is problem, use special the Lock Bolt (supplied).

Attach the lid and rotate until the Lock Bolt hole lines up with the
embossed arrow.
Insert the Lock Bolt and tighten.


Hay-Hutch Net attachment

If your Hay Hutch has arrived with holes drilled for the Hay Net, go to (5).

To drill holes to attach Hay Net

Use a marker pen to mark the location of the holes.

Use a drill fitted with an 8mm bit.


1) Unpack the net and place it over the OUTSIDE of your Hay Hutch. Please note

that the Hay Hutch Net for Mini, Small and Medium are conical. Please make

sure that you have them the right way up. The Net for the Large is cylindrical

and can go either way up.


2) Use engineers grips, bulldog clips or tape to hold the Net in place at the top

so that it does not move whilst holes are being drilled.


3) For Medium, Small and Mini, carefully drill one hole for each Net aperture around

the neck of the Hay Hutch. For Large, drill one hole for each four Net apertures.

Be very careful to avoid tangling the Net with the drill or risking injury to hands

or fingers. For added protection, consider wearing gloves. Also consider marking

the drill points with a felt tip pen, removing the Net and then drilling the holes

with hands and Net clear.


4) Stretch the Net down, if necessary, and carefully drill a hole for each Net aperture

around the base for Medium, Small and Mini and one hole for each four net apertures

for the Large.


5) For Medium, Small and Mini, the Nets are conical. Please be sure that they are

the right way up. Place Net on the inside of The Hay Hutch. Use engineers grips, bulldog clips

or tape to hold the net in place at the top so that it does not move whilst threading

retaining cords through each hole for Medium, Small and Mini and for every fourth

hole for the Large.


Please note: The retaining cords for conical Nets (Medium, Small and Mini) are two different

lengths. The shorter cord should be used at the top and the longer at the bottom.



6) Tie the cord with a secure, non-slip knot. You may need to drill one extra hole

to get both ends of the cord end back inside.


7) That’s it! You can now fill up and use your Hay Hutch as normal.


The judgement as to suitability of using the Net for your horse lies

with you, the owner. We have not had any problems with the Hay Hutch Nets

with our own horses but cannot be held liable if you do.

Nets in Large Hay Hutches will need more adjustment and matching to suit your needs

which is why there are extra holes. It is unlikely that with a Net deployed that hay can

be reached from the centre region of the Hay Hutch. If this is a bother, you can fix

something like an upturned bucket or a traffic cone in the middle.


If you would like to download the instructions in printable form, please click HERE.



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