Hay Hutch Net for Slow Feeding

Hay Hutch Net for Slow Feeding

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Brand:  Hay Hutch

If you have a greedy eater, a Hay Hutch Net will slow them down.

  • Specially designed for Hay Hutches
  • Tough - British made
  • Available in Large, Medium, Small and Mini

Please note that if your horse gets angry with the netted Hay Hutch it may tip it over.

See FAQs for ways to increase stability for such circumstances.

Please note: The judgement as to suitability of using the Net for your horse lies with you, the owner. We have not had any problems with the Hay Hutch Nets with our own horses but cannot be held liable if you do.

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Our nets are specially designed for each Hay Hutch size and made in Bridport, the traditional home of British nets and ropes. Unless you have ordered a pre-drilled Hay Hutch, you will need a drill and about 20 minutes of your time to assemble the net.

If your horse exerts its frustration by toppling the Hay Hutch, try putting a large brick or block in the bottom. In more extreme cases, fix the Hay-Hutch to a rubber mat. See FAQs.

Please note: This is an adaptation of the basic "Hay Hutch technique". The net will slow down consumption and reduce spillage but greater management of the hay might be required as horses may no longer able to reach all of the way to the middle of the Hay Hutch. You might need to fill more frequently and shove the middle hay outwards. You should still keep your hay in good order and save money and time overall.

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