Value for money


We are not sure how long Hay Hutch lasts. The first prototypes delivered to us in 2007, are still in use today. It is perfectly possible that a Hay Hutch properly used could last for decades!

If you divide the cost of your Hay Hutch by the number of years for which you will use it, the cost per week is very low.

And, of course, you are saving time and avoiding waste. The value of this must be included.


The Hay Hutch on the left has been in use since 2007. It shows signs of wear compared to the new Hay Hutch on the right. It will give good service for many more years.


Durability and safety
Crash barrier
The speed of the hoof of a kicking horse can be the same as a speeding car. This is why we use tough, industrial polymer to make Hay Hutch. If we used a cheaper manufacturing process, your Hay Hutch would not survive kicking, biting, rain, frost or ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Hay Hutch is made in the same way as motorway crash barriers.







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